July 2017

View of the Singapore skyline by the bay

Living in a Not-So-Concrete Jungle: Sustainable Solutions for Urban Life

Singapore is a modern city where 100% of its population is urbanised. Much of this urbanisations comes from advancements in areas such as technology and industry. While it continues to enjoy the status of the greenest cities in Asia, Singapore cannot afford to ignore the downsides of rapid urbanisation and expansion. Efforts in urban regeneration

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The Many Benefits of Carbon Steel Pipes

Every piping material comes with its own set of benefits that make it ideal for certain applications. Thus, choosing the right material for a particular job is essential. Here are the beneficial features of carbon steel pipes, and the specific applications the features make the material ideal for. When necessary, carbon steel fittings are used to complete

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NZ to Hasten Construction of 60,000 Houses via $1B Fund

The New Zealand government plans to use resources from a $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to build 60,000 houses in five rapidly growing councils. Prime Minister Bill English said that the infrastructure projects funded through the programme will help in advancing the construction target within a 10-year period, amid an increase in population in the

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Excavation Guidelines: Keeping the Workplace Safe

The act of excavation is one of the first steps in any building construction. It involves digging deep into the ground to lay down the foundation, reach pipings, or simply conduct repairs. However, like any construction processes, you need to observe property safety and guidelines. To ensure a safe excavation process, you should install temporary

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Do Your Homework Before Moving to a New Place

New digs, new neighborhood, and new everything. When you move to a new area, everything is unfamiliar. If you’re lucky, you might just find you’ve moved to a city or town that offers everything you need. On the flip side, you might discover to your dismay that everything is a few hours’ drive away. To

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Green garden shed

Smart Steps to Building Your Garden Shed

Every farmer plans to have a garden shed on their farm. This shed has lots of benefits. You can, for instance, save space by putting in essential tools and items inside the shed. When you are currently planning to build one, here are some important steps that could help you: Buy the right choice of

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A Trusted Checklist for Trucking Permits and Licenses

Trucking is a massively controlled industry. Before you can start operating your business, you’ll be required to meet and update several government regulations. Fortunately, the following checklist will help ease you through the process to operate legally as an interstate trucking business. 1. Acquire a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Centerline Drivers noted that you’ll need to employ

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Male Hispanic air-conditioning maintenance technician

Enjoy Australia’s Hot Weather Wherever You Are

As warm weather persists in Australia, you have the opportunity of making the best of it with a fascinating outdoor adventure. Here a few places to enjoy the warm weather.   As temperatures rise almost relentlessly globally, the Australian weather hit the highest point in its history in January 2017. Based on the data from

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Cash Loans to Overcome the Financial Burden

Despite good planning, all of us face financial crisis due to many reasons. Some of the reasons might be beyond our direct control. Thankfully, there are many ways to overcome tight financial situations. You can take personal loans; if it is not possible, you can approach banks or other lenders to get approved for a

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