January 2019

Ear Wax in Children

4 Reasons Your Child’s Earwax is Smelly

Earwax is a natural substance meant to keep your ears healthy. This waxy oil is produced in the ear canal to protect the ears from water, microorganisms, dust, and other foreign objects that may harm it. If you notice that the wax in your child’s ear smells terrible, it indicates that something is wrong. Do

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Assorted fruits and vegetables

Going Organic: Denmark Leads the Way — Should America Follow?

More than half of adults in the US say they are buying more natural and organic food than before. Considering its benefits, the demand for organic produce may continue to grow. The need for fresh produce is great that you’ll even find organic fruit and vegetable wholesalers in the country. The demand is rising in America,

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a house

Where Will Your House be in the Future?

Plenty of sci-fi films have already been produced, and most of which depict a future where technology is not exactly our ally. Some predict the future to be grim, but don’t start blindfolding your children a la Netflix’s Bird Box just yet. Rather, these are what you should be adding to your house to prepare

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a woman singing

Looking Like a Country Pop Star: The Styling Techniques

Country music is a diverse genre, and it’s more than what people realize. Apart from the stereotypes, country singers and pop stars have built their music with authenticity. Their lives are a far cry from the dirt farms of Arkansas or the hollers of West Virginia. In fact, their music has ventured all throughout the different states

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Woman having ear pain

Earache: Do You Have an Ear Infection or a Cold?

As if all the sneezing, headache, runny nose and coughing weren’t enough, now you’re feeling an ache in your ears, too. The thing is the pain might be a sign of an ear infection or a cold, but you need to figure out which is it so that you could get proper treatment. If you’re

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camp site with tents

RV Camping is Both Basic and Glamorous

Camping is an exciting, enjoyable activity everyone can enjoy. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and bask in nature’s beauty without the distractions of technology and sources of modern-day headaches, like urban noise and street congestion. So it’s unsurprising that the total number of camping households in the U.S. increased by over 6 million

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Linen Thread: A Versatile Material Every Crafter Should Have

Crafters, whether they’re hobbyists or making a living from their handicrafts, no doubt use a variety of materials. One thing they need to have in their arts and crafts box is linen thread. It is a highly versatile thread with plenty of creative and practical uses. Adults and children alike can use a linen thread for

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Close up woman smiling

Philippine Skincare: Where Does It Stand?

The market value of the skincare industry around the world is massive. Grand View Research forecasts that it will reach over $175 billion by 2024. Within the period, it will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 5%. Among the many regions, Asia-Pacific (APAC) will reign supreme. According to Global Data, APAC will

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Lawn being mowed

Post-Winter Care: How to Revive Your Lawn for Spring

You might still be in the middle of winter, but time flies. Before you know it, it’ll be late March and the roads of Kalamazoo will be almost entirely snow-free. For commercial properties, this is the best time to prepare your lawns for spring. It’s important for real estate and other business establishments to boost their

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Mosquito sucking blood

Mosquito Threat in the U.S. Calls for New Approach to Pest Control

Insect-borne illnesses have been on the march in recent years. And the bugs that spread these diseases are getting harder and harder to kill. Scientists have been seeking out ways to combat the rise of these pests. While pest control services are still cost-efficient to get rid of infestations, some traditional methods are turning obsolete.

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