December 2018

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Preparing for Your Singapore Trip: Important Things to Remember

Singapore is one of the most visited countries in Asia, if not the world. The country might be small, but it is so advanced and beautiful, plus the citizens are disciplined enough due to Singapore’s strict rules and regulations. If you are planning on visiting Singapore soon, then make sure to read these tips before

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How Well-Designed Commercial Kitchens Optimise Workflow

Opening a new restaurant? Or are you planning to renovate your existing commercial kitchen? Whichever it is, the first thing you need to think about is the set-up and design. As a restaurant owner, you want your employees to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. A well-designed kitchen with the right equipment cuts down injuries,

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Woman holding a pot

Unique Ideas for Planters

Nothing will boost the look of your property better than plants. Most property owners, however, shun plants in the belief that they do not have sufficient space on their property for plant growth. This need not be a hindrance for you with the range of planters available. Unlike traditional planting pots, custom planters from companies

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5 Ways to Create an Effective Label Design

With hundreds of products out there that are similar to the ones your business offers, standing out is a must. You need to stand out among your competitors to reach a wider portion of your target market. But how? Think of product label design. You should utilise labels not only for the identification of your

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Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone as a Photographer

  Finding your niche in art is rewarding, but it can also restrict your ability to create great things beyond your specialty. Having a comfort zone where you can perform tasks consistently well is fine, but comfort reduces your motivation to improve. There are about 30 types of photographers, each with different strengths and equally

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Things to Consider When Building a Greenhouse

If you’re passionate about growing your own food, you would do well with building your own greenhouse. Seasons won’t be such an issue with your garden, as you can grow vegetables all year round. Pumped up with this idea? Consider these basics in setting up your greenhouse. Materials Do you want a greenhouse with wooden

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