June 13, 2019

sheets of metal and hands of worker

Extra Steps Towards Factory Safety

Among all types of industries and occupations, Manufacturing and Production is among the top industries with the largest number of workplace injuries according to the National Safety Council (NSC), right there with Construction and Service (Firefighters and Police). Furthermore, the most common types of injuries in the workplace are (1) Overexertion, (2) Slips, trips and

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red rose offered at a funeral

Bizarre Funeral Practices from Around the World

Funerals are essential rituals to say farewell to a deceased loved one. Different civilizations attach so much value to various rites of passage like birth or marriage, and a funeral is no different. However, funeral rites across the globe may vary depending on the culture and custom of the society. There are many bizarre ceremonies

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woman with straight teeth

Do You Want to Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Straight Teeth?

Are you taking the plunge to have your teeth straightened? If you are considering braces, there are some important things that you should know. It might seem like a daunting experience to undergo, but with the right information and professional advice, you can, in about 18 months to two years down the line, walk through

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