September 12, 2019

students studying in the library

Video: How It Increases Student Retention in a Classroom Setting

Is video better for student retention, performance, and production? Several surveys and studies have already shown how beneficial video is for the retention of students — whether younger ones or those in universities and colleges. But many still fail to maximize the advantages of using video in a classroom setting. Video is powerful and effective.

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Business's Advertising

Up Your Business’s Advertising Game Through a Well-Curated Display

You have finally decided to try your hands on becoming an entrepreneur. One of the things you’d immediately worry about is how to get your name out there and attract as many customers as possible. There are traditional advertising methods such as word-of-mouth and paying for newspaper or magazine ads, which can still be highly

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organized warehouse

Better Work: How to Keep a Warehouse Clean and Organized

The warehouse of any business should always be clean and organized. As a business owner, you should implement rules in keeping your storage unit in order. This is where you put all your products and pieces of equipment. Keeping everything in place makes it easier to look around. You can buy warehouse pallet racking and

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