November 13, 2019

Woman in a job interview

Ways You Can Ace a Job Interview

Almost everyone will agree that a job interview is something you can liken to a trip to the dentist. It can make you anxious, make your palms sweat, and even give you cold feet. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you; there are things that you can do to ace that job interview.

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man with herpes

Herpes: A Common Infection That Can Be Easily Managed

Developing an illness or an infection can worry us, mostly because we do not know what to do at first because it is not yet diagnosed by a professional. Learning what to do and what to expect about certain infections and diseases will help us become more prepared. A common infection Herpes is a common

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Insurance Agents

Common and Costly Mistakes Made by Insurance Agents

Learning From Mistakes Everyone makes mistakes, but as an insurance agent, even slight missteps could result in you not being able to seal an otherwise sure deal. You’d want to learn from your mistakes to improve. Still, there’s always the chance of you learning the wrong lesson (i.e., like changing an otherwise working strategy after

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