January 6, 2021


Keep Your Business Healthy Inside and Out

Businesspeople are often too busy overlooking their operations. They are usually consumed by the big picture and the promise of the future. With this, they tend to lose focus on the details and the crucial points of the operation. If you are a business person who has the same mindset, you may want to keep

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Pointers for Making Money Online

The number of freelance professionals in the United States reached 57 million in 2019. A good number of these freelance professionals work online. It has contributed around $1 trillion to the US economy or around 5 percent of the US gross domestic product. This shows that making money isn’t only limited to working in the

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group of happy employees

Business Management Insights: Employee Engagement

According to a six-month study conducted by the World Economic Forum, happy employees at a British telecommunications firm were not only faster but also “achieved 13% higher sales” than those staff members who were not happy. Of course, we can define happiness in a variety of ways. For some, being happy is having a lot of money

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bored kids with their mother

Are Your Kids Bored Because of the Pandemic?

These are strange times, indeed. Was it just 10 months ago when we were talking about how lucky kids are these days with all the technology that’s available to them? They can chat with their friends 24/7. Toddlers as young as two can go to indoor playgrounds and meet new friends. They can play interactive

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