June 14, 2021


Pandemic-Induced Consumer Behaviors That are Likely to Stick Permanently

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are now living, thinking, and even buying differently. Dealing with collective trauma, consumers across the globe continue buying, but they now see brands and products through a new lens. And these changing consumer attitudes and behaviors will likely remain post-COVID and shape the

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Health Is Wealth: Eight Ways Staying Healthy Saves You Money

Cliche as it sounds, but health truly is wealth. It’s true that to stay healthy, you need to pay extra on natural, organic, and nutrient-rich food and fitness gym memberships or yoga classes. You’d also need to buy workout clothes and fitness equipment like weights, treadmills, and powerlifting elbow sleeves. For this reason, many people

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woman working from home

Travel Agency: A Business You Can Run From Home

Travel agencies play a significant role in the tourism industry. Because of them, travelers can enjoy their vacations to the full extent. Their services encompass all aspects of the trip starting with booking the flights, preparing ground transportation, and reserving accommodation. Travel agencies also plan the activities that you will do once you land at

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