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Three Business Networking Secrets if You’re Naturally Shy

Not everyone is cut out for extemporaneous speaking. And not everyone is cut out for networking, shaking other people’s hands, and spending a fair amount of time talking, looking absorbed by the conversation. If you’re in business, especially in an industry where you need to reach out and interact, you have no choice but to

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Business Management in the Time of COVID

The pandemic created a myriad of problems for thousands of companies. Because a lot of the states forced lockdowns for seemingly endless days, companies were crippled when they could not get their employees to come in for work. As surprise lockdowns were implemented, managers were forced to make do with what they had. The work-from-home

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The Benefits of Having Your Company Acquired

The dictionary definition of the word “acquisition” is when an object or an asset is acquired by a larger entity; for example, when a museum or a library “acquired” an important historical artifact. A business acquisition is not far in its definition—it’s when one company or corporation purchases the majority shares of another company to gain control of it. CB Insights reported

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Keep Your Business Healthy Inside and Out

Businesspeople are often too busy overlooking their operations. They are usually consumed by the big picture and the promise of the future. With this, they tend to lose focus on the details and the crucial points of the operation. If you are a business person who has the same mindset, you may want to keep

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Business Management Insights: Employee Engagement

According to a six-month study conducted by the World Economic Forum, happy employees at a British telecommunications firm were not only faster but also “achieved 13% higher sales” than those staff members who were not happy. Of course, we can define happiness in a variety of ways. For some, being happy is having a lot of money

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Pointers for Making Money Online

The number of freelance professionals in the United States reached 57 million in 2019. A good number of these freelance professionals work online. It has contributed around $1 trillion to the US economy or around 5 percent of the US gross domestic product. This shows that making money isn’t only limited to working in the

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7 Top Service-based Business Ideas You Can Implement

If you love serving others and wish you could make money from it, you might be interested in starting your service business. There is an endless list of opportunities in ideally every industry that you could consider. What are your strengths? Where does your passion lie? If you are confused about what service business to

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What Makes a Brand Appealing to Parents

With the prevalence of social media use and advertisements on children’s games, marketing to the new generations of parents is easier now more than ever. And if your business is one of the many that have families as one of their main demographics, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is on point at

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Best Niche Products for 2021’s eCommerce Industry

Businesses in the eCommerce industry have increasingly become lucrative with the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease. As more people stay at home to prevent the risk of catching or spreading the virus, the number of online shoppers has ballooned since then. Any savvy entrepreneur would see this as an opportunity to venture more into the

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Top Employee Safety Concerns and What You Should Do About Them

The concern for overall workplace safety is on the rise. Studies showed that 39% of respondents said they are more concerned about their safety in the workplace this year than the last. That’s not counting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on them. Even before Covid-19, we’ve already witnessed how employees suffer the consequences of

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