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10 Industries That are Performing Well in the Pandemic

COVID-19 came unexpectedly and shocked the heck out of all of us. We’ve never faced anything like it, ever. It is more than just a physical health crisis. More than the over 1 5,000 cases and 2.5 million deaths, we’ve also seen numerous people suffer from mental health issues. And on top of that, it also

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Home-based Business: Is It Right for You?

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, a large proportion of the workforce sought alternative work arrangements, especially in fast-paced cities. In most countries, working at home became a policy priority for the governments. In doing so, the current situation provided insight into how working from home can play a vital role in reshaping the

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Marketing Management Practices for Dental Clinics

Dental care is a necessity that everyone will need to seek out at some point in their life. Yet, most people are apprehensive about the pain that may come from it and concerned about the cost of dental care. A dental practice that can successfully communicate that they optimize patient comfort and utilize pain management practices are

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Cost-Optimization Measures for Businesses Mid-Pandemic

There is no doubt that the pandemic caused a major economic downturn. Numerous industries now suffer the wrath of the coronavirus crisis. If your business is still operational a few months after the pandemic hit the globe, then your brand is among the chosen few that managed to thrive mid-crisis. Your main priority these days

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Healthcare Business: Marketing Strategies to Attract Patients

The outbreak of the coronavirus made businesses in the healthcare industry more lucrative than ever. The healthcare industry includes medical practices, drug manufacturing, medical equipment production, and research and studies. The market is projected to reach $149.17 billion by 2025. Of the various industries in the business world, healthcare is highly supervised and regulated since

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Should You Worry About Your Employees’ Personal Hygiene?

Your employees’ personal hygiene might be the last thing in your mind right now, given the uncertainty that plagues your business because of the coronavirus pandemic. But once the dust has settled, wouldn’t you want to address this concern, too? It makes sense for employers to worry themselves about the personal hygiene of their workers.

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