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Finding and Designing the Right Office for Your Startup

Vaccines being rolled out across the United States imply that we might see a full return to normal soon. If you recently started a business but didn’t plan on renting out a physical space for it due to the intermittent lockdowns, now may be a good time to finally have your own office. Having a headquarters

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Business Startup: Are You Ready?

Setting up a business is a challenging task. However, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who doubts starting your own business today, there are a few reasons why setting up your project is better late than never. As opposed to setting up a company early on, you now have more experience in life that you

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Staying Traditional: Opening Your First Independent Bookstore

Books are the main source of knowledge for many people worldwide. This is why bookstores are so important in every community. However, many argue that the time for physical bookstores is over, now that everything is digital. The increasing number of independent bookstores throughout the years tells a different story. There is a greater need

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Turning Your Business Eco-friendly: Steps for the Transformation

Businesses in the modern age have to be conscious. Consumers are getting wiser, considering the reputation of the products they purchase and the implications of their decisions. Entrepreneurs cannot get away with anything, making it necessary to be careful with your business decisions moving forward. One of the things you have to perform includes turning

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5 Popular Beauty Business Ideas in 2021

The beauty industry has been increasingly growing over the decades. A recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics report reveals that the country’s beauty industry provides over 670,000 jobs and is expected to reach a market value of $805.61 billion by 2023. That’s a clear indication that beauty services will continue to be in demand. For the business-minded,

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The Best Automation for Clinics & Private Practices

The healthcare industry has been digitizing rapidly over the past couple of years. Some hospitals are employing innovative technologies like AI and block-chain to better simplify their processes. Digital technologies are also being used to make healthcare more accessible and improve patient experience and patient outcomes. But big tech isn’t reserved for big hospitals. Even small clinics

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Current and Emerging Trends in the Food Industry

The food and beverage industry is a lucrative field if a business plays it right. There is an endless stream of consumers for food products. But, these consumers are now becoming more selective of who they should patronize. Almost every year, new trends emerge in the food industry. These inclinations affect the buying decision of

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Open to Wellness: How You Can Start a Wellness Centre

Wellness centres are becoming more popular in the US and the world. The overall wellness industry is valued to be about $4.5 trillion in 2018. The US has one of the biggest market shares, amounting to almost $52 billion in revenue during the same year. It’s expected to grow by a healthy 6% in the

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Steps to Welcome Employees Back On-site amid the Pandemic

The pandemic forced businesses to adjust for survival. Because of the sudden establishment of lockdowns and quarantines, companies had to lay off or provide early retirement to loyal employees. The situation led to numerous enterprises taking financial hits, with smaller businesses forced to shut down because of bankruptcy. The pandemic remains a problematic situation that

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Workplace Safety: What Businesses Can Do to Support Employee Health

As vaccinations continue to roll out and more states are easing their lockdown restrictions, the possibility of onsite work is as likely as ever. And once the transition from remote work begins, businesses and employers alike play a critical role in helping prevent or at least reduce the chances of spreading the virus in the workplace.

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