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Why Problem-solving Is Important in Marketing

Although it can never get easier for business owners to hear this, consumers likely don’t care about what you’re selling or offering as most only care about getting their issues resolved, and your products or services are a means to an end. People will always have problems, such as dealing with anorexia. Businesses can offer treatment

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5 Inspiring Christian Business Owners That You Should Know About

In entrepreneurship, there are many things that can drive one’s motivation. Family, financial goals, and the desire to make a difference in society are some of the most common ones. But for some, faith is the biggest driving force in their journey towards prosperity. Around the world, there are millions of Christian entrepreneurs who have

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Digital Business: The Best Tools to Help Your Online Franchise

Innovation and automation. These two words always go hand in hand when describing a new way of doing things, the digital transformation currently happening in the workplace. It’s designed to create a drastic change to the way businesses ply their trade. This current trend is sweeping companies, making sure that outdated, manual, and legacy processes

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Have a Startup Idea? Here Are 4 Ways to Fund It

The world is filled with startups. India alone had at least 50,000 in 2018. At least 300 million of these companies launch each year. Meanwhile, at nearly 65%, the United States has the highest number of unicorns or billion-dollar startups. But why do most people hear only a few of them? Besides the fact that

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10 Industries That are Performing Well in the Pandemic

COVID-19 came unexpectedly and shocked the heck out of all of us. We’ve never faced anything like it, ever. It is more than just a physical health crisis. More than the over 1 5,000 cases and 2.5 million deaths, we’ve also seen numerous people suffer from mental health issues. And on top of that, it also

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Home-based Business: Is It Right for You?

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, a large proportion of the workforce sought alternative work arrangements, especially in fast-paced cities. In most countries, working at home became a policy priority for the governments. In doing so, the current situation provided insight into how working from home can play a vital role in reshaping the

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