5 Mistakes Not to Make on Your Resume

Mistakes in resumes or CVs will, at best, give an employer a bad first impression of you; at worst, they will cost you your dream job. Unfortunately, it’s deceptively easy to make mistakes on your resume, some you might not even know are resume no-nos. Even more bad news, resume issues are among the top

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Line of call centre employees working on computers

Is Career Advancement Possible for Call Center Agents?

For some Filipinos, getting a high-paying job is more important than graduating from college. Thankfully, when BPO industries rose in the country, high school graduates, college students, and even dropouts have been given amazing job opportunities. By being a call center agent, which is the usual entry-level position in BPO companies, they were able to

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cargo carrying truck

Cargo Carrying Trucks: The Five Types to Know About

There are varying types of cargo, so it follows that there are also multiple types of trucks equipped with different features that cater to the transporter’s and the products’ needs. To maintain the superb quality of the goods, a transporter must choose wisely. Before you can make an informed decision, you will need a basic

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Business merger

Business Merger: How to Ensure that It Reaches Success

Business mergers have been happening and will continue to happen for a long time to come. Globally, the value of mergers and acquisitions stands at about $3.7 trillion. The reality is that some companies are more valuable when consolidated with others. And as long as that holds, business mergers will continue to happen. Unfortunately, things

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Digging Your Business out of Debt

After this COVID-19 pandemic , a lot of businesses—small, medium, and large—will close. Experts have already concluded that thousands of businesses will close their doors. Millions of employees will be displaced. This is especially true for businesses that are now in debt. How can they pay their business debts if they cannot open their stores

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business owner

Key Things That Will Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Most people assume that the biggest hurdle to running a company is the starting period: when you’re introducing and bringing life to a new idea, when optimism is at its peak, and where hope shines ever brightly on your plans. Anyone can start their companies based from that, yes, but the biggest challenge remains in

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store front

Will Brick-and-mortar Stores Die in the Future?

The funny thing is that people think brick-and-mortar stores are already dead. But are they? The truth is, and statistics will show you this, online stores have yet to overtake physical stores. E-commerce represents a small fraction of a company’s sales. Out of the $5 trillion in retail sales in the USA in 2017, only

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Starting Your Own Business: Lessening the Risk of Failure

There is no such thing as “fail-proof” when it comes to businesses. Many different factors can affect your success, including the possibility of an economic recession. Sometimes, even when you work hard, you may experience difficult times. However, it is possible to at least lessen the risk of encountering problems that may cause your business

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