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Financial Management: the Key to Business Growth

When asked about their least favorite aspect when running a company, most business owners will quickly respond with finance and accounting. If you’re in the same boat, you might understand the reason behind this answer. Handling finances can be an overwhelming task. You have to stay on track of all the cash flow, including sales,

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The Risks of Investing for Young Investors

More young people are gaining interest in investing because of social media. The rise of “finluencers,” influencers who offer financial advice, is making investing an exciting venture for this generation. Finfluencers are active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. Videos tagged as #finance and #investing gain plenty of interest from social media users. On TikTok, #stocktok, the investing

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The Science Behind Impulse Buying And How To Stop It

We know very well how easy it is to be trapped in the addictive impulse buying cycle, but equally as hard to fall out of. One moment, we decide we should put an end to this by avoiding sales and attractive deals only to be defeated later on by the same triggers. The first step

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Financial Management for Young Adults: Strategies to Note

Many young aspiring adults want to get into the professional market since they want to start earning as soon as possible. But many young adults can be hedonistic and usually spend much of their income on pleasurable activities and items. There’s no problem with having fun while you’re still in your 20s. It’s also one

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Credit Management: Being Responsible With Your Credit Card Debt

Every hard-working professional knows that having a credit card can come in handy in many situations. Whether it’s going to the restaurant and celebrating with your friends, getting that brand new phone that you’ve always wanted, or unwinding at a resort after a long week, there’s no doubt that credit cards can get you what

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On a Job Hunt: Exploring Careers Related to Finance

Pursuing a career in finance is not just about money, although it involves handling money. The finance industry is broad, and there are a lot of career options new professionals can pursue. While public sector recruitment firms and online job hunting sites can help you find the perfect job, you must know your interests and

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Investing in Investments: Securing Your Future Early

A lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon of making investments to secure their futures. The best thing you can do is jump on the bandwagon, too! Investments are a good way to guarantee a good future for yourself and your family. After all, life is unpredictable. You never know what’s coming next. No matter

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Learning About Forex Trading? Here’s What You Need to Get Started

Every day, an average of $6.6 trillion is traded on the foreign exchange (FX or forex) market, making it one of the most popular and accessible investments available to investors and traders. Most participants in this market include investment managers, multi-national companies, banks, and hedge funds. Retail traders, on the other hand, only make up 5.5% of

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