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Year-end Tax Planning: How to Organize Your Books

Keeping your small business afloat this year has been challenging. Throw in this year’s unexpected ups and downs as well as the holiday rush, and no one can really fault you if your books are not as organized as years past. However, if you don’t want any hassles this coming 2021, particularly from the IRS,

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Personal Finances: Efficiently Planning for Retirement

One of the perils of our youth is thinking that we will never get old. When we are in elementary school, each day is an eternity, and hours seem like years. As we get older, time moves faster, and before we know it, we find ourselves overwhelmed with responsibility. Even so, it doesn’t have to

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Ideas for Making Money From Your Preloved Items

With COVID-19 and overwhelming climate change effects, we need to be smart about the kind of life we live and the items we purchase and possess. Unfortunately, many of our old items will only end up in a landfill should we choose to dispose of them instead of selling or donating them. At the same

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Tax Benefits Pointers for Freelancers and the Self-Employed

For the hard-working man, taxes are a means of contributing back to a society that has helped them get to where they are today. But when you’re paying taxes as a freelancer, it can get complicated. Right off the bat, the world of taxes can sometimes be mind-bogglingly confusing for a lot of individuals who

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Optimizing Your Hotel’s Revenue Management

In business, decision-makers and company owners are always looking for ways to optimize their financial goals and achieve desired profits. With this particular need, tactics, and concepts, such as revenue management, have become popular. Such a strategy is also applied in the hospitality industry. Simply put, revenue management is a way of targeting the right

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Crucial Financial Areas to Focus on to Make Life Easier

There are a lot of things that can cause you a lot of stress in your life. Work and household responsibilities are only some daily activities that will make you exhausted. However, none of them can compare to the stress that financial management can give you. The task will require you to pay attention to

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Essential Factors to Watch Out for in Forex Trading

Although the foreign exchange market has its share of viable profits, there are still a lot of risks involved. Not only are there inherent risks in the system itself and the fluctuation of markets. But there are also specific things you need to watch out for that can throw a wrench in whatever strategy you

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Ways to Improve Food Manufacturing Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of all challenges food manufacturers face. They’re consistently presented with the challenge of lowering costs while increasing revenue. To attain maximum efficiency, they’ll need to invest in better equipment, research and development technology, and people. If you’re running a food manufacturing facility, here are four ways to make it more efficient.

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FinTech Companies: The Benefits They Provide for SMEs

Getting money when you need continues to be a problem for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. Financial technology (FinTech) companies give you new ways to manage money for your business through software as a service (SaaS). The government supports these companies in general, so that is good news for SMEs. However, many people are not

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