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middle aged woman with her mother

Caring for Your Older Parents

Have you met anybody who looks after the elderly at home? Parents, grandparents, or close family members prefer to care for the elderly at home. Some people choose senior home care or assisted living services, which is okay. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. Are you able to easily care for your elderly relatives? Is

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holding a glass of milk

Treats for the Lactose Intolerant

As babies, we could digest milk, but when we became adults, we became lactose intolerant. It’s simple: we as babies had what we no longer have now since that was what we needed at that stage in life. Babies born in full-term produce enzymes that can digest lactose, while most adults are no more able to produce

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woman with good hair

Why Invest in Hair and Beauty: It’s Not Just About the Looks

The hair and beauty industry only continues to thrive. It goes to show that businesses catering to customers looking forward to improving their looks are always in demand. This is despite the pandemic costing people their livelihood. Before, women were the only ones spending hundreds of dollars on hair and skincare products. Nowadays, even men

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woman checking her face

Reversing the Aging Process: Is It Possible?

Wrinkles, dry skin, graying hair, weaker bones, and declining cognitive health — these are all common signs of aging. No matter how hard we try to fake our age, it’s almost impossible to hide the effects of aging. Sooner or later, you’ll witness how your body changes physically and mentally. Some unlucky people experience a

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body pain checkup

How to Manage Frequent Body Pain

Pain is associated with a lot of different categories depending on the reason behind it. Pain is caused by physical injury, excessive stress, after a surgical procedure, and many medical ailments like arthritis, migraine. You may experience pain with severity ranging from a one to a ten in the worst cases. Sometimes minor physical pain

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first aid box

Telltale Signs That Your Health Is Affecting Your Work

The pandemic affected not only the way of life of people across the country but also their mental health. Aside from the people who lost their jobs, the stress of the situation also affected people who had work-from-home arrangements with their employers. After more than a year into the health crisis, people started to work

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