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Looking Professional: Essential Grooming Tips for the Workplace

People generally believe that they need to dress for success in the workplace. This is more than picking the right outfit. If you want to look great to customers, coworkers, and management, you need to know how to properly groom and present yourself. Studies show that presentation can affect people’s trust levels in a person.

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Fun Things to Do on Video Conferences with Friends

The pandemic has made it harder to spend time together, and this can be very difficult for anyone’s mental health during a time when togetherness can feel more needed than ever. Thankfully, there are now digital ways to hang out while safely staying distanced from one another, so that no one feels truly alone even

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Taking a Break: The Essence of Preserving Your Happiness

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is the perfect scenario for those who want to achieve their goals while preserving their happiness. It’s an ideal situation where people can pursue their chosen careers while having the luxury to spend time outside work. Unfortunately, some people struggle to balance their schedules because they are too busy fulfilling

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Transforming Your Career as a Personal Trainer

For the average person sticking to weight-loss regimes, training programs, meal plans, and attaining fitness goals is no easy feat. And having to balance their career and personal life alongside staying fit can become burdensome for many. This is why the rise of personal trainers and fitness instructors has been growing considerably over the past

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Are Diamonds Forever? Here’s What Science and Marketing Say

The moment Shirley Bassey crooned “Diamonds Are Forever” with her big voice, everyone knew she got one thing right. But then, what makes this coveted gemstone almost eternal? Is it science or marketing hype? In reality, it’s both. The Hardest Mineral Known to Man Diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet, the only one to score

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What ‘Friends’ Can Teach Us About Work

The first episode of Friends aired 26 years ago, yet the hit TV show still reigns supreme. Streaming services have paid millions and millions of dollars just to get the streaming rights for the sitcom. According to figures from Nielsen, Friends was the second most watched show in 2018 in the U.S. In the era

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Taking a Holistic Approach Toward Health

Health is wealth. This is a fact of life that everyone knows one way or another. Keeping in shape allows you to perform your obligations like work, which in turn is necessary so you can get food on the table. It is a cycle that seems simple on paper but it can get deep and

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