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dental hygienist

What happens on a visit to the dental hygienist?

Many people overlook the importance of regular appointments with a dental hygienist. However, these visits can be a great help in maintaining good oral health. If a person’s mouth, teeth and gums are in good condition; that has a positive impact on their health in general. Some people feel a little nervous or unsure about

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clean water

Why You Should Change Your Water Filter Regularly

Water filters are important tools in any household because they purify the water that you drink, making it safe for consumption. Many homeowners, however, take this equipment for granted. We often neglect to clean our water filter system or replace it with new filters. When this happens, we run the risk of ruining our family’s health.

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young woman happily listening to music

How to Be Happy by Putting Yourself First

The first thing to get your head around is that it is not selfish to want to be happy. If you are the type of person that will drop what you are doing to help out a friend, relative or neighbour, then this is fab in the short term, but who will look after you

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Children getting on the bus

For Parents: How to Keep Children Interested in School

Children of all ages should have activities that keep them engaged with their studies. Good thing, there are a lot of things teachers can come up with. These can be academic activities, sports, arts, etc. For activities outside the classroom, outdoor canopies can be installed in specific parts of the school to protect children from the

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kids wearing backpack walking with a guardian

Don’t Let Your Children’s Backpacks Weigh Them Down

Your children’s school backpacks are supposed to make carrying things easier. When worn incorrectly, however, these could cause your kids to adopt awkward postures that might lead to spine and chronic pain issues later on. Below are essential things you should know about the health risks of wearing backpacks incorrectly and what you can do

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Journaling over coffee

Journaling as a Form of Self-care

When you’re always busy with work and communicating with people, silence sounds like a dream. The absence of noise is comforting in its rarity, and a few minutes to spend with yourself can be the greatest form of self-care. But what do you do with that rare moment you have nothing else to worry about?

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small space with only a bed and cabinet

Smaller Space Might be the Answer to Waste

Square footage has a lot to do with a family’s home purchase. There is plenty to consider, but perhaps the most important is the size of the house and how comfortable each family member will be in their personal space. Well, that is how things used to be. Now, more are choosing to get smaller

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woman holding her diamond pendant

Jewelry: More Than a Fashion Accessory

Jewelry accentuates our style, and both women and men use it to express their status, wealth and beauty. Through the ages, materials as diverse as wood, bone, and metal have been used or jewelry. But jewelry, be it made from silver, gold, or other precious metals and stones have been used since ancient times to

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