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Workplace 101: The Importance of Appearance in the Workplace

Gone are the days when people with tattoos and piercings are immediately stereotyped as outcasts and rebels. In today’s society, individuals discussing taxes or mortgages may just be as off-putting as those with tattoos or piercings once were. Although the quality of work is of paramount interest to employers, appearance can still leave a lasting

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Interesting Facts About Singaporeans’ Health

Singapore is highly regarded for many things. For instance, it’s gaining prominence as the premier tech hub of Asia. Its education system is robust and can easily compete with other countries, producing students who have become star players in Fortune 500 companies. It’s also quite known for its rich diversity. As a melting pot of

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5 Best Tips For Online Wedding Shopping

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on a roll, it can be difficult, or sometimes downright impossible, to get any of your wedding shopping done. Not only is it unsafe to stroll around looking for rings and dresses, but it is also often exhausting, time-consuming, and costly. The solution? Shopping online, of course! With the sophistication

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8 Foolproof Ways Entrepreneurs Can Save Money on a Business Trip

Traveling for business is a normal part of life for many entrepreneurs. Meeting with clients, attending business events, checking out potential sites–it all comes with the responsibilities of being a business owner. However, even if these business trips are necessary to generate more revenue, it doesn’t change the fact that they cost a lot of

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Splashing with Kids: Swimming Pandemic Blues Away

Many of us have been looking for a new pastime and hobbies that will interest us to keep us preoccupied in our extra time. This is especially true during this COVID-19 pandemic when we are told to stay at home most of the time to avoid contracting the virus. Due to the ongoing transmission of

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Understanding the Demand for Sustainable Fashion in the Pandemic

Fast fashion was a breakthrough when it first started. The speed with which brands accommodated trends and made stylish clothing available to the masses at affordable prices was the root of their growth. Factor in how fashion hypes and crazes come and go, and you have a cycle of demand-and-supply that’s never been as profitable

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Top Summer Destinations to Consider for Every Budget

Traveling has been put on hold for almost a year now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism is one of the hardest-hit industries due to wide-scale lockdowns and restrictions on mobility. Good news, though, with the development and proven efficacy of vaccines, countries are starting to reopen their borders, and we can expect business and leisure

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