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Medical treatment at the dentist office

The Art of Dentistry

What does a dentist in Mackay do? Fix teeth, keep them healthy, keep them clean? Yes, they do all these things. But to put it more poetically, dentists deal in smiles. The aim of their work is to create beautiful smiles that help the owners feel confident and at ease with their appearance. By looking

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woman in dental clinic

Assessing The Importance Of Professional Dental Care

Most dentists praise the benefits of regular dental check-ups and cleanings; ideally patients should pay their dentist a visit every six months or so. But depending on how good a patient’s oral health is, they may need to visit the dentist more frequently or less often. The frequency of dental visits can only be judged

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Lunch box preparation

Smart Parenting: 7 Healthy Meal Prep Tips for your Preschoolers

While many parents enjoy preparing snacks for their preschoolers, some are having a hard time, especially when their kids are picky eaters. Sometimes, it can be tempting to buy from fast food chains just to make your child eat at school. To help you out, here are some tips that may help encourage your preschoolers

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Dentist with patient

5 Situations When You Require Emergency Dental Care

Even the most reluctant patient can book a dental appointment because of a dental emergency. Teeth are sensitive, and ignoring them may lead to severe emergencies. Even though few dental emergencies result in death, ignoring them may result in permanent damage or high costs of managing them ultimately. You can quickly detect a dental emergency

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invisible braces

The Lowdown On Adult Braces In North London

It’s well-known that, in north London, braces are used to correct misaligned teeth and jaws in children and teenagers. Overbites, underbites, crossed bites, crooked, crowded, spaced or twisted teeth can all be resolved with a braces stint. However, what isn’t so commonly known is that adults can also benefit from braces in north London. It’s

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Dentist checking woman's teeth

Desensitising the Teeth at the Dentist in Stevenage

Sensitive teeth are a pain. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, it can put a crimp on the day. A sharp shooting pain when consuming hot or cold food or drink takes the enjoyment right out of ice cream. It can also come on if the teeth are exposed to a sharp blast of cold

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One dental implant in Richmond: It’s Worth It

Dental implants are an incredibly versatile way to replace missing teeth. Patients can have their dentures stabilised, receive a new set of teeth in one day, get zygomatic implants fixed into their cheekbone if their upper jaw lacks bone density and have 2 or 3 teeth on a bridge supported by one implant. And yes,

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Teeth Care

Introduction to Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

Over time, teeth can lose their natural whiteness, becoming stained and discoloured. Staining is caused by tiny traces of colour from tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and other highly pigmented foods getting trapped in the pores of the tooth enamel. Brushing and the hygienist’s tools can’t dislodge them. Teeth whitening in Northern Ireland provides a

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man repainting kitchen

Recycling Old Building Materials to Decorate Your Home

When you’re decorating your home, one of the options you should try is the use of salvaged building materials. For example, you can buy antique fireplace mantels to give your own fireplace a traditional feel or get a vintage claw foot bathtub to give your bathroom a decadent atmosphere. Using salvaged building materials gives your home an

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woman giving gift

Three Ways To Surprise Him With A Gift

Dating your boyfriend for several years shouldn’t stop you from giving him surprise gifts occasionally. It would feel amazing to see him open your gift with eyes full of glee as he discovers what you have in store for him. But now that you’ve been dating for years, handing out a gift would probably too

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