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Post-Breakup Self-care: Getting The Love You Deserve

Breakups are rough, and when it’s really that bad, it can send someone down through a spiral of pain, self-doubt, and hurt that can last for a couple of days and even as long as a couple of months. We all take pain differently, and when you are deeply connected and resonated with a person,

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Is Off-the-Grid Living Really as Cheap as the Media Claims?

If you have just realized that luxury and modern technology mean nothing to you, perhaps you’ve thought of living off the grid. It’s simpler, quieter, and most of all, cheaper. But can you really survive without the things you’re used to? Social media depicts off-the-grid living as a lifestyle choice for people who desire more

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Effective Ways To Help You Stick To Your Diet

If you’re struggling to commit to particular meal plans, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle to stick to their diet plan, especially when surrounded by parties and other social functions. Fortunately, there are simple ways to help you navigate your way through the temptation to overeat. Eating healthy allows you to lose weight

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Being a Responsible Pet Owner from Beginning to End

Pet ownership is different from owning possessions such as bags or clothes that you can discard if you don’t like them anymore. They are lifelong companions who need to be loved and cared for. It’s also both a privilege and a responsibility for anyone prepared to own a pet. Even as you enjoy the privilege

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Fast Fashion Tips For Entrepreneurs on the Go

The life of an entrepreneur can be a busy one. In fact, every day can feel like a hustle while you’re still working your way to the top. However, a schedule jam-packed with meetings, pitches, and client lunches is not an excuse to not look your best. And when you’re a budding entrepreneur with lots

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Moving Ahead in Your Career After A Personal Setback

Setbacks can happen to anyone. A personal setback affects more than just your personal life; it can have a significant impact on your career and finances. Regardless of how deep you are, you have to dig yourself out, dust yourself off, and move on. In order to cope with a major setback and change your

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Go Rouge with Your Hair — Anime Guy Style

Call them insane or downright freaky — there’s no denying that anime characters, particularly the men, have the coolest haircuts. These odd hairstyles are the crowning glory that enhances the uniqueness of anime characters. So, if you’ve been wondering what makes your favorite anime characters look cool and crisp at the same time, the secret

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