A Shortlist of Unique but Useful Gifts for a Friend’s Baby Shower

Pregnant Happy smiling Woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her belly. Mom Expecting Baby. Pregnant Woman Belly. Pregnancy. Beautiful Pregnant Woman. Maternity concept. Baby Shower It’s normal to want to be unique. The same can be said when giving a gift to someone special. However, there are unique gifts that are mostly impractical or are more decorative than useful. If you really want your present to be memorable to a pregnant friend during her baby shower, try to avoid the typical newborn clothes, baby bottles, and the like. There are other guests who will provide for those anyway, so stick to these delightful gift suggestions instead:

Baby Photography Packages

When first photographed in a hospital in Melbourne, your friend’s newborn baby won’t exactly be looking their best. As a matter of fact, it would be quite a feat to take aesthetic photos of a baby while still inside the delivery room. By presenting a soon-to-be mom with a newborn baby photography session, your friend and her baby will have a chance to get memorable and professional pictures to mark the momentous occasion. Just make sure to contact a reputable photography company and prioritise quality work over affordability.

A Comfortable Rocking Chair

Yes, this is a traditional gift, but it seemed to have lost its popularity due to more modern and technological presents. However, nothing beats a good old-fashioned rocking chair to bring parents closer to their children, and this is the case for almost all ages. For those who still prefer the more contemporary models, there are now modern-day designs that can go well with any current interior theme. Feel free to ask your friend if they prefer the old-fashioned styles over the more recent designs so that you can purchase one that goes well with their tastes.

Pretty baby sitting at safety gate of stairs

Books, Books, and More Books

From baby’s first picture books, parenting guidebooks, kindle books on baby care, to audio storybooks, the choices are quite endless. Reading materials for both the baby and their parents are not only practical; they are so treasured that these can even be passed on to the next generation. However, you will need to be selective with your choices if you really want your present to be appreciated and maximised by your recipient. Thus, before you go shopping, ask the future mom or dad about their preferred authors and literature.

Personalised Journals

Documenting everything about their new baby is every new parent’s dream. Although there are now a number of digital options to do so, which include the Internet and social media, nothing beats an actual hardbound scrapbook-like album or journal to record memorable moments. There are a number of companies offering blank journals and scrapbooks that you can design and personalise to fit your receiver’s tastes and preferences. As a bonus, you can even ask the happy couple for a copy of their baby’s ultrasound pictures and put that on the first few pages.

Gift-giving can be a wonderful experience, not just for the receiver but also the giver. Of course, this only happens if the presents offered are well-received and appreciated. Therefore, giving practical but unique gifts will create lasting impressions on all parties involved. The joyous reaction to your gift is enough evidence of this fact. Best to get your camera ready so that you can record these memorable moments of delight during your friend’s baby shower.

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